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Nurofen For Children Strawberry Flavour 100ml

Nurofen For Children Strawberry Flavour 100ml





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Product details:

  • Nurofen for Children is a strawberry flavoured oral Ibuprofen suspension intended for use in babies and children aged 3 months to 9 years.

Nurofen for Children can provide fast relief from the symptoms of: 

  • High temprature
  • Post-immunisation fever
  • Teething pain/ toothache
  • Minor aches
  • Cold & flu symptoms
  • Sore throat

How to use:

  • Please read the enclosed leaflet before use.
  • Dosage: For oral use.

Fever caused by post immunisation:

  • Babies aged 3 months and over, weighing more than 5kg:  2.5 mL. If necessary, after 6 hours, give a second 2.5mL dose.

Do not give more than 2 doses in 24hours, if the fever is not reduced or worsen, consult your G.P.

Fever, pain & symptoms of cold & flu:

  • Children aged 3-6 months weighing more than 5kg: one 2.5mL up to 3 times in 24 hours.

Do not use for more than 24 hours, if the symtoms persist or worsen after 24hours, consult your G.P.

  • Children aged 6-12 months: 2.5mL up to 3 or 4 times in 24 hours.
  • Children aged 1-3 years: 5mL up to 3 times in 24 hours.
  • Children aged between 4-6 years: one 7.5mL (5mL + 2.5mL) dose 3 times in 24hours.
  • Children aged between 7-9 years: One 10mL (5mL + 5mL) dose up to 3 times in 24 hours,

Doses should be given 6-8 hours. Leave at least 4 hours between each dose.


  • Each 5ml of oral suspension contains 100mg Ibuprofen and maltitol liquid


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