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As a leading provider of Trenchless 'No-Dig' Technologies, that are designed to minimise disruption and negate the requirement for disruptive Trenching, K M Plant provides Cable-Pulling and Pipe-Pulling services via specialist winching equipment, ranging from 6T Kobus Winches to 21T Mobile Tractor Winches. 

K M Plant also undertakes specialist Slip-Lining, utilising Winching for Cable Laying and Pipe Laying, utilising a minimised access pit from which to draw the Pipe or Cable to reduce surface area and infrastructure disruption.   

K M Plant's Technical Services Department comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals, with considerable expertise and competency in utilising leading-edge technqiues to deliver cost and time saving solutions to K M Plant's Clients, often bringing additional benefits of reduced infrastructure disruption and minimised inconvenience to the general public during the works.

K M Plant has an extensive fleet of Owner-Operated Plant and Equipment with corresponding Site Support Crews, along with an Owner-Operated Logistics Fleet, ensuring prompt and and agile responsiveness to Client requirements.

K M Plant utilises the Kobus Pipe Puller system, that offers a reliable and effective Trenchless means of replacing water or gas supply pipe with minimal disruption, and can be utilised to replace Water or Gas supply pipes in roughly a quarter of the time taken by traditional methods, meaning the whole process can be completed in as little as a couple of hours under suitable conditions, delivering time and cost savings for the Client.

This technique can be applied  to replace lengths up to 25m and diameters up to 1-1/4” in a single pull. The system also features a computer that calculates the viability of each operation once the key datum, such as  pipe length, outer diameter and the soil shear strength has been entered and factored.

The Kobus Pipe Puller requires just two excavation holes no larger than a foot square, in order to winch the existing cable duct or pipe out, while simultaneously, pulling through a new service pipe or duct. This is ideally suited to Lead Replacement and Mains Renewal. 


This is achieved by feeding a calibrated steel cable through the pipe that is to be removed, which is in turn filled with a locking solution, forming a composite rope with the existing pipe. The cable is attached to the new pipe and, as the old pipe is pulled out, the new pipe therefore replaces it.

Contact K M Plant's Technical Services for details of the cost and time savings available through the utilisation of Cabl-Pulling or Pipe-Pulling methodologies: 0203 146 9565