We all want to go over the top at Christmas, but when January comes around all our clothes are a little tighter. Here are some tips to avoid starting Christmas on a size M and ending on an XXL

Watch out for the Festive booze

Most enjoy a little more drink than usual at Christmas, but alcoholic drinks contain hidden calories, that aren't obvious when consuming. So, keep things low-cal and choose gin or vodka and drink water between each alcoholic drink.

Know when enough is enough

If you're not really sure if you want something, then simply say no. Overeating can be the worst cause of unnecessary weight gain, even if your cousins “home-made” (Tesco) trifle does look delicious.

Eat before visiting friends/family

Make sure when you leave your house to eat a healthy, filling meal. Especially if you're going to a party, as you will want to pick at everything put in front of you, even if it’s deep-fried or covered in sugar.

Start the day healthy

A healthy breakfast will set you up for the rest of the day. Choose to fill, healthy options such as porridge, brown bread or yoghurt and fruit. People who eat breakfast also eat less than other people during the day as your body is using that meal as its source of energy.


If you're going to eat a lot over Christmas (we know temptation can get the better of you), make sure you take your time when indulging. Slowly take every bite and stop to enjoy the flavour. Put your cutlery down between bites to give yourself some time to chew slowly, as the more you chew food, the easier it is to digest. As well as this you'll enjoy it more, plus your brain will have a chance to let your body know when you're full.

Everyone knows the festive period really ends on 1st January, so if you keep eating chocolate reindeer for breakfast well into January, you've gone too far. However, if you need assistance in the new year, then we have many products available to help you fight the fat here