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Utilities and Developers (and their appointed Contractors) are under scrutiny to minimise the impact of essential works on the wider community and affected infrastructure, relating to specific works and the impact on the surrounding community and infrastructure.  Recent events for many Utilities, have demonstrated the high financial impact of not utilising available resources such as Line-Stop, Flow-Stop, Overland Diversions and Pipe-Freezing, to re-route and divert essential supplies with minimal interruption to service, and risk of Bond Payments, Supply Interruption Compensation, etc.

There is also compelling time and cost arguments for the utilisation of Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe-Bursting, Micro-Trenching or Keyholing to facilitate the installation of Utility Mains pipes and cables, without the disruption and inconvenience of Open Cut Trenchworks to the public, in the form of disruptive Road Closures, bottle-neck creating Traffic Light Controlled sections and flow impeding Traffic Management in general.  Indeed, Line-Stop, Flow-Stop, Pipe Freezing and Diversion can also be provided as a crisis management resolution in the event of a major Water Main burst, or Gas leak for example, where expensive damages claims can arise from Water encroachment, ingress and flood.

As a responsible, proactive and forward-thinking Utility or Contractor, you may be seeking the services of a high quality reputable company based in the UK, in respect of the provision of specialist Trenchless Technologies (where mains pipelines and cables are laid underground using a specialist drilling machine) for mains supply lines, cables and pipes. K M Plant is just such a specialist, and utilises state of the art technologies to reduce cost, works duration and inconveniences to the public. K M Plant can also provide specialist diversion works, avoiding supply interruptions, to minimise inconvenience, and limit or avoid exposure to potentially expensive and PR-damaging compensation events. Click here to see an Article on how K M Plant's Trenchless Technologies can save Clients money and time.


K M Plant have amongst the growing base of national clients, major Utilities firms, Developers, Tier 1 Contractors, ISPs, Telcos and the leading national Civil Engineering and specialist Utility Contractors, and is conveniently based in South Wales and the South West of England, to conduct work across the Region, the Midlands, London and the South of the UK. Day Rate works are available to suit requirements, including specific Plant Hire, with the option of skilled and experienced Technicians and Operators, with Site Support and in-house Logistics.


Contact K M Plant for an initial consultation to see how by engaging the services of KM Plant, you can save your organisation money, time and inconvenience.  If we can be of any assistance, please drop us a line, or call us on 0203 146 3737, and we will be pleased to see how we may be of service to you.