Delaying your period is safe and easy to do. Our online doctor can provide a free consultation and prescribe Norethisterone tablets to delay your period.

You simply take three tablets a day, three days before your period normally begins. Your period should recommence two to three days after you stop taking the tablets.

Norethisterone tablets cost just £4.80 for 30 tablets. However, they are not suitable if you have a history of thrombosis and they are not contraceptives.

So, how do I delay my period if I take the contraceptive pill? This all depends upon which type of contraceptive pill you take. Our online pharmacy lists all of the main types if you are not sure, or you can ask your doctor or our pharmacist.

With the combined oral contraceptive pill, you take two packets of pills back to back to delay your period.

If you take the monophasic 21 day pill, you miss out the 7 day break. With the every day contraceptive pill, do not take the dummy pills and start a new pack.

With phasic pills, you need to ask your doctor or our pharmacist which ones to miss out. It is more difficult with progestogen only contraceptive pills as you can’t delay your period by changing how you take them.

If you are unsure talk to your doctor or our pharmacist.

Norethisterone period delay tablets