Our online pharmacy provides an easy, fast and confidential online contraceptive pill service. The contraceptive pill is available by prescription only and you can take a free online doctor’s consultation, which results in a private prescription if you are approved.

The oral contraceptive pill is taken to prevent pregnancy and in some cases for painful and heavy periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMT) and endometriosis.

PharmacyDirectGB can supply every type and brand of contraceptive pill at the lowest prices on the web. microgynon contraceptive pill

Microgynon is our top selling contraceptive pill, where 63 tablets cost £4.23. Yasmin is the next most popular @£22.00 per pack of 63. The third most popular is Femulen, which is a three hour progestogen only pill. It costs £4.96 for 3 x 28 tablets.

Other top selling contraceptive pills are Mercilon, Brevinor and Cilest. Our online chemist can also supply the morning after pill, Levonelle, which is the only morning after pill available. It costs £7.80 and requires a prescription. Levonelle is 95% effrective if taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, but if taken between 48 to 72 hours after, its effectiveness reduces to 58%.

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