Our online pharmacy has already had several cases of Hay fever. The problem has started for those of you who have tree pollen allergies. March is the peak pollen release month for hazel, yew, elm, alder and willow, whilst in April the oak and pine tree pollen release season starts.

The chief culprit for hay fever sufferers is grass pollen which starts mid April lasting until the end of August. But there are simple things that you can do to stop hay fever ruining your life:

  • Stay indoors during the pollen peak – early morning and late afternoon
  • Keep windows and doors shut, particularly when driving
  • Avoid large grassy areas including parks
  • Wear wrap around sunglasses
  • Have a shower and wash your hair after you have been outside
  • Wash your hands after gardening
  • Use air filters in the home and car
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid strong perfumes

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