PharmacyDirectGB is the UK’s leading provider of online weight loss medications. There are three main medicines to aid losing weight:

1) Alli was launched in Spring 2009 and is now the leading non-prescription slimming method. It can help you lose 50% more weight than by dieting alone and needs to be used in conjunction with dieting and exercise. Taken in tablet form Alli comes in two sizes 42 and 84 caplets.
At you can now save over £13 on Alli, which sells for £36.50 for 84 caplets.

2) Xenical is the prescription only form of Alli and is double the strength. You may be able to obtain an online prescription for Xenical from PharmacyDirectGB following a free online Doctor’s consultation. A private prescription costs £20. Please go to:-

3) Reductil is also prescription only and may also be available following an online consultation with our Doctor.

Please remember that with all these medications, the results will be better with dieting and exercise.

Please go to for more information on prescription weight loss medications.

Pharmacy Direct GB deliver medicines and prescriptions to locations across the UK and worldwide. We are set up to provide private prescriptions quickly and accurately using the latest robot prescription dispensing, overseen by our experienced pharmacists. As an online chemist we take our responsibilities seriously and won't share your details with anyone else.