Malaria is a tropical disease passed to humans by mosquitoes. The disease is present in over 100 countries and is found in Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the Middle East.

According to public health figures there were 1,378 cases of malaria in the UK in 2012, with the majority of people picking up the disease in Africa.
Malaria is an extremely serious and potentially fatal condition and travellers are strongly advised to take preventative measures before travelling to countries affected by the disease.

PharmacyDirectGB supply a number of prescription and non-prescription medications for the prevention and treatment of malaria. Medicines include: Malarone, Avlocor, Doxycycline, Lariam, and Paludrine/Avlocor. A generic version of Malarone known as Atovaquone/Proguanil Hydrochloride is also available.

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