2018 is drawing to a close and instead of doing what we always do, why not make some realistic goals that you can focus on and achieve for 2019? Every year, we all make New Year’s resolutions and promises to ourselves that we know we are not going to keep, so rather than telling yourself you’re going to be the next Anthony Joshua or Kim Kardashian, set yourself some achievable targets. Living healthy is becoming an increasingly popular concept, but rather than it only being a fad for when you want to look your best, why not try maintaining a healthy lifestyle without the inconsistent diets? So, let’s get into some useful tips on how you can become a healthier version of yourself for 2019 and beyond.

Walk the walk

In this modern day, we are always rushing around trying to get to the next place as quickly and conveniently as possible; it seems we have forgotten how to use our own legs! Well, one of your realistic goals can be to simply, walk more. Rather than popping to the shop around the corner in your car, have a stroll over instead. Take the stairs rather than the escalator or lift, it’s simple day-to-day changes just like this that will help begin your journey to healthy living!

Go green!

Adding more greens into your diet has endless benefits, you will be amazed at how much more energy you have if you swap the fast food for the right food. It’s so easy to snack on something unhealthy, but if you preplan and prepare some healthier snacks for the day ahead, you’ll find yourself eventually reaching for some carrot sticks rather than a packet of crisps. It is all about moderation, by no means should you expect yourself to cut out all unhealthy food, especially not straight away; but eating healthier overall will mean that you are going to enjoy the occasional treat that much more!


We are all well aware that in some cases, no matter how much kale or spinach you eat, you can’t consume enough to get the recommended amount of benefits from them, this is where Vitamins can help. Blood tests can reveal what vitamin deficiencies you may have and be lacking in, this way you can be clear on what vitamins you need. It’s very important to build up a strong immune system and vitamins can be a great way to do this.

Drink plenty

We all love a detox in January, naturally, we tend to over-indulge over the festive period, especially with alcohol. Rather than just changing your drinking behaviour for January, why not try and make a more permanent arrangement. This doesn’t have to involve becoming t-total, but drinking a smaller volume of alcohol and replacing your everyday drinks, such as fizzy pop, energy drinks, coffee etc. with water can do you the world of good. Drinking more water daily has huge amounts of benefits, from more energy to clearer skin, the list goes on.

Sleep well

Sleep can be a huge issue for many of us. Such a large amount of the population in the UK does not receive the correct amount or type of sleep. Getting a routine together is vital if you are going to achieve a good night sleep, day in, day out. Try to aim to wind down and get ready for bed at the same time each night, get rid of any distractions such as your phone, laptop or television and really relax before you sleep. If you can keep this up, you will find yourself slipping into a natural routine where your sleep will improve overall.

Ask for help

If there is anything in particular that you are struggling with, whether it is health, emotions or anything else, you must seek a professional opinion such as your GP or a professional adviser. This way, they can help you get to the bottom of the issue and you will receive the correct treatment for whatever you may be going through. Putting your mental and physical health first is key to healthy living.

There we have it, just a few tips on how you can start the road to living healthy for 2019 and the years to come. Remember, being realistic, honest and determined is the beginning of your journey. You can always contact our online pharmacists and doctors for any advice or help you may need. We wish you all the best for 2019!