To help with the rising pressures on the NHS and local GP’s, there has been an increase in online pharmacies across the UK. But what services do they offer and why should you use them? Pharmacies are key in providing quality healthcare and are, “a major foundational pillar of modern medicine.” Dr. Aseem Malhotra said that, “good health ultimately comes from lifestyle, and we’ve neglected that,” when speaking on BBC Radio 5Live. Even though there is a worry about the volume of prescription drugs and there does need to be a balanced healthy lifestyle, pharmacists and their expertise are still very important. Seeing your Doctor is very important and recommended, but have you ever considered online pharmacies? Online Pharmacies are a faster and more convenient way for you to receive your prescriptions, products and medical help all at the click of a button. UK registered online pharmacists like Pharmacy Direct GB are making a difference every day. WHO ARE THEY? Pharmacy Direct GB is a UK registered online pharmacy that provide quality healthcare, clinical expertise and practical knowledge that helps, and advises patients with their medical conditions. WHAT SERVICES DO THEY OFFER? They offer: - A full choice of online medicine. - Advice about medical conditions. - Toiletries. - Gifts. - Perfumes. HOW DO THEY DO THIS? Patients have access to online doctor consultation services where patients can be as open or discreet as they wish about their medical conditions, often proven to help increase people’s confidence when speaking online. Medicines and private prescriptions can be easily accessed using robot prescription dispensing, which is overseen by experienced pharmacists. Delivery services (prices vary) are discreet with the assurance of credit and debit details being 100% secure. PROS - Save time and money. - Private – services and prescriptions are private and not public knowledge. - Information – find many prescriptions and medical advice about them (facts). CONS - Reliability – be aware of shipping delays and prescriptions possibly not being available when needed. - Hidden costs – make sure you read all the print and check for any hidden fees. - Rogue pharmacies – make sure your online pharmacy is regulated. Online pharmacies are a step forward in the right direction. Pharmacy Direct GB live by the philosophy, “to supply you with the best possible pharmacy products and services at the best prices.” Check out their website for all your medical needs.