It’s Stoptober 2015 and with help from PharmacyDirectGB, you can quit smoking for a healthier lifestyle.

There are many products available over the counter such as patches and chewing gum however, if you have attempted to quit smoking before and found that these didn’t help, they may not be treatment for you.

If this is the case, our doctors can prescribe a medication called Champix. Champix works by reducing the desire to smoke and reducing the withdrawal symptoms, increasing your likelihood of quitting by 50%. Champix is normally taken for 12 weeks, starting with a single 0.5mg tablet taken once a day for 3 days. This is then increased to a single 0.5mg tablet taken twice a day for 4 days and finally two 1mg tablets taken twice a day for 11 weeks. It is advised that you do not smoke while taking Champix however, doing so will make smoking less enjoyable.

Champix is available online by followng the link below: