1. Sunscreen
    If you’re going somewhere with a sunny climate then sun protection is essential. It is even better if it contains insect repellent. There’s no need to come back with a tan and skin cancer when it’s so easy to apply a little sunscreen. If you are prone to burning then perhaps a burning cream, such as acriflex antiseptic burns cream 30g, would be ideal 

  2. First Aid Kit
    You never know what could happen whilst you are on holiday, so it is always best to cover all bases, especially if you have kids. Thus a first aid kit is a must have for a holiday, as it allows you to respond immediately to any minor injuries that may occur.

  3. Travel Sickness Tablets
    Travel sickness is no fun and can happen to anyone, so it’s best to have travel sickness tablets. Especially as it has a tendency to linger and cause discomfort even after you have arrived at your holiday destination.

  4. Condoms
    You may meet someone whilst you are on holiday and want to have a little fun. So why not protect yourself against STDs and an unwanted pregnancy by taking condoms with you. Allowing you to have fun and not have to regret it later.

  5. Medication for Diarrhoea and Malaria 
    Both of these types of medicine are essential on holiday, as they allow you to carry on having a good time and not have to worry. As you don’t know if you end up with a bad stomach from something you ingested or malaria from a mosquito bite.