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K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd. (and UTILAY) have presences in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Exeter, Swindon and Greater London, with Regional Operations Depots in Wales, the South West of England and the Midlands, with additional satellite Yards and Compounds strategically located across Wales, the Midlands and the South West of England, providing excellent coverage across the South of the UK in support of Client requirements.  


Call K M Plant's main switchboard on 0203 146 3737 to discuss your particular requirements.


We look forward to winning your business.  

The following Departments are open for normal business hours, unless otherwise stated. Main Reception is open from 09:00 to 17:30, and the Contact Centre is open from 08:00 until 20:00 for general matters.  24 hour, 7 day-a-week Emergency Response and Incident Reporting Hotlines, are open 24/7.   


K M Plant Senior Managers and Supervisors are on Rotational Standby for Emergency Call-Out. The Contact Centre will route the Call/Message accordingly.

K M Plant - Main Reception (Central Contact Centre):  0203 146 3737

K M Plant - Principal Trading Address for correspondence:  Merlin House, Langstone Business Park, Priory Drive, Langstone, Newport, Gwent, NP18 2HJ.

K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd. Departmental Contact Numbers 

(Please note that all calls are recorded and monitored for Security, Training, Operational Performance and Quality Assurance purposes.) 

K M Plant - Emergency Response Hotline (Mains Pipe Bursts, Pipe Fracture, Major Leak, Pipe or Cable Damage, etc.): 0203 146 9561 (24/7)

K M Plant - Plant Hire Desk (Cross Hire, Plant Hire, Plant with Operator Hire, Specialist Rig and Operator Hire, etc.): 0203 146 9564 (24/7)

K M Plant - Waste Management and Waste Material Handling (Muck Away, Inert Material Transportation, etc.): 0203 146 9563(24/7)

K M Plant - Emergency and Incident Reporting Hotline: 0203 146 8891 (24/7)

K M Plant - Technical Services (Line-Stop, Pipe-Freezing, Pipe-Bursting, Cable & Pipe Pulling, Slip-Lining, Leak Detection, etc.: 0203 146 9565 (24/7)

K M Plant (Utliay) - Developer Services (On-Site & Off-Site Self-Lay or Dry-Lay, New Build Infrastructure and New Connections): 0203 146 9560(24/7)

K M Plant (Utilay) - Multi-Utility Mains Laying (Self-Lay, Dry-Lay, New Mains Laying, Renewals, Refurbishment & Rehabilitation): 0203 146 9562 (24/7)

K M Plant - Commercial and Operations Departments (Quotations, Estimates. Pricing, Utility Design Services, etc.): 0203 146 8892(8am - 6pm)

K M Plant - Procurement, Finance and Accounts Departments: 0203 146 8890 (9am -5pm)

K M Plant - Human Resources/Personnel, Recruitment, Resourcing, Training and Development: 0203 146 8893 (24/7)

K M Plant - Legal Department: 0203 146 8894 (9am - 5pm)

K M Plant - Technical Innovation Division (R&D and Innovation).  Operates under Strategic Operations (Commercial Operations Department): 0203 146 8892.  

Please note K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd. only utilises approved Recruitment Services Providers, Agencies and Independent Resourcers that are on the Preferred Suppliers List.  Please contact the K M Plant Procurement Team to apply for consideration to be added to the K M Plant PSL. 


Direct individual applicants for employment or engagement should please contact the HR Department direct on 0203 146 8893.  Thank you.