Our online pharmacy provides a free online doctor consultation service, private prescription and contraceptive pill delivery service. All of this from the comfort of your own home, and at a time to suit you!

PharmacyDirectGB offers a full choice of contraceptive pills, or emergency contraception (morning after pill), and our website gives details of the different types of contraceptive pill available. Following completion of an online questionnaire, our doctor will assess your suitability and provide the relevant prescription for your needs.

So which are the most popular contraceptive pills? The correct contraceptive pill for you depends upon your particular requirements, but our best seller is Yasmin where 63 tablets cost £22.00 at PharmacyDirectGB. Yasmin Contraceptive PillMicrogynon, where 63 tablets cost just £4.23 at PharmacyDirectGB is the second most popular contraceptive pill at PharmacyDirectGB.

With Microgynon you can also have the everyday version, where some of the pills are sugar, and 84 tablets cost £3.81. Our third best seller is Cilest, 63 tablets for £4.49. Ovranette is our fourth most popular contraceptive pill, with 63 pills costing just £3.30.

Levonelle, is currently the only morning after pill available, and is our next most popular pill. This is an emergency contraceptive pill and is not intended to be a regular form of contraception. One tablet costs £6.50 at PharmacyDirectGB . If you have a busy lifestyle and want a quick and easy one click contraception service, then visit us now.

Yasmin Contraceptive PillCilest contraceptive pillLevonelle morning after pill