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Back Pain: Treat it and Prevent It

Back pain image

August 25, 2017

Back pain is something that is a common problem for many people in the UK. Most of the time it isn’t that serious but sometimes it can make life uncomfortable and can interfere with day-to-day life. This is why we have delved into what the common causes of back pain are and how to overcome it.


Back pain is an ailment that is self-inflicted most of the time. And it normally occurs because of bad habits that develop over a long period of time. These bad back habits include lifting heavy items incorrectly, sitting incorrectly at a desk and/or a steering wheel, overexerting yourself and the most common cause, bad posture.

However, sometimes back pain can occur because of no apparent reason, this is called non-specific back ache. This normally happens when the muscles have weakened and they cannot handle walking, bending and even stretching. Non-specific back ache can also be due to general tension, lack of sleep and stress.

Back pain can also occur during pregnancy and be a result of an injury from contact sport.


In order to access the right treatment, it is always best to figure out the cause and find the treatment that is related to that.

For back pain that is related that is due to strain or minor injury, rest is best. An ice pack and a NSAID is also helpful to reduce pain and inflammation. Once the inflammation has subsided, heat can help to soothe the muscles and connective tissues.

In most cases, bed rest is not advised, as it can cause new problems. Instead, walking at a slow and steady pace is good, as are controlled exercises and physiotherapy. Acupuncture or aquatic therapy may also help.

If back pain is stopping you from performing your daily tasks then medication is advised. Over-the-counter remedies can be prescribed but we would highly advise talking to our doctors to ensure you are taking the right medication for your ailment.


To ensure that you are not constantly suffering from back pain, a number of steps can be taken. Such as staying active, ensuring your posture is correct, especially when lifting heavy objects and that your mattress is offering the support you need.

If the back pain has not improved within a few weeks, we would highly advise you see a doctor.

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