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Top Tips for Losing Weight

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There are many ways that you can effectively lose weight in a safe way. Everybody is different and experiences weight loss in different ways; some may find that they can lose weight fairly quickly when they make changes whereas, for others, it can be a much longer process.Fat is burned when you use more calories than you consume. If you burn 500 more calories than you consume every day for a week then you could lose about 2 pounds. This may sound difficult but if you follow these easy tips, you’ll reach this goal or even exceed it.

1. The first step is to cut out foods and drinks that are too high in fats and sugars. Biscuits, cakes and fizzy drinks may seem like small snacks but really add up over the week. If you don’t think you can cut them out completely, try cutting them to just one day a week as a treat. Cutting down on alcohol has much the same effect. 2 glasses of wine has roughly 250 calories, the same amount as 3 chocolate biscuits.

2. Try to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. This can be brisk-walking or anything that gets your heart pumping slightly. You can even break it down in to sessions so long as each session is at least 10 minutes.

3. If you still don’t think you have time to fit this into your day then 15 minutes of intense exercise such as jogging or running will work just as well. You could even combine this with your 30 minutes moderate exercise for extra benefits.

4. Adopt more walking into your routine. Try getting off the bus a few stops early or taking the stairs instead of the lift. This can contribute to your 30 minutes of daily exercise.

5. Try to eat more starchy foods such as cereals, whole grain bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. These foods make you feel full for longer as it takes longer for starch to be converted to glucose than sugar. You will also increase your fibre intake through most of these foods which also makes you feel full for longer.

6. Try losing weight with a friend or joining a weight loss group. Even joining a weight loss forum can help. This provides extra motivation to keep going and you can exchange helpful tips for any problems you are experiencing.

7. Keep track of your weight. Weigh yourself in the morning before you eat breakfast and keep a record of your weight every week. Your weight will most likely fluctuate but you should notice a steady downward trend which will help keep you motivated.

8. If you think you need extra help then you can try XLS-Medical which is a natural fat binder available over the counter to anyone with a BMI over 18.5. Please note that a BMI between 18.5 and 25 is considered a healthy normal weight and long-term weight loss plans are not required. However, it can help boost weight loss by up to 50% when used in conjunction with the tips above should you require a temporary boost.

9. If you have a BMI over 27 then you can request to be prescribed Xenical. Xenical is a prescription only medication which can also boost weight loss by around 50% when used in conjunction with the tips above.

10. Be careful of any website which will supply Xenical or any other weight loss medication without a prescription. It is illegal to supply these medications without a prescription and you may not be getting the genuine product. Please note that all appetite suppressants such as sibutramine and phentermine are illegal in the UK due to the health risks. Also, stay away from any ‘fad’ diets offering quick weight loss as the results do not last and will discourage you from further attempts.

For further information about prescription and non-prescription weight loss products, you can take a look at our UK Online Pharmacy website and check out the Pharmacy Direct Weight Loss Treatment service. If you are looking for more specific help and advice, you can also contact us and speak to one of our trained medical professionals.



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