Understanding a cheaper alternative to Saxenda – UK

Most people pursuing weight loss will stumble across Saxenda sooner or later: a jab that sheds fat without pushing yourself that extra mile, cutting carbs or going to the gym. Saxenda – an injection of the active ingredient liraglutide – is becoming increasingly popular in the US and has begun to expand to countries such as the UK, Canada and Switzerland. Its 60% success rate is nothing to sniff at – at the cost of several concerning side effects.

cheaper alternative to saxenda uk

For those of us lost down that oh-so-deep rabbit hole of weight loss, options like Saxenda can be daunting. Hopefully, it’ll be relieving to know that you don’t have to pursue injections to lose weight. While the number of alternatives can be overwhelming at first, this article provides a breakdown to help you choose what’s best for you. Furthermore, the team at Pharmacy Direct GB are ready to support you with advice to help you along your weigh loss journey.

Xenical (Orlistat)

If you’re looking for all the benefits of Saxenda without the needle, Xenical (otherwise known as Orlistat) offers a far less daunting alternative: a pill taken three times a day to reduce the fat absorbed by your body. Reducing fat intake is a tried and true method of weight reduction, and Xenical allows you to achieve it without changing your diet or counting your calories. While a low-calorie diet is recommended to maximise its effects, the pill will naturally reduce fat intake without the need to monitor yourself – perfect for those of us lacking self-control!


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Calorie Counting

Many of us have considered a low-calorie diet sooner or later. Why avoid it? They’re one of the most popular means of losing weight worldwide. Whether you struggle with obesity or just want to lose a bit of holiday weight gain, diets are the go-to home remedy for all your needs.

If you’re (understandably) daunted by the need for self-control, don’t worry! Low-calorie diets can range anywhere between a simple personal guideline and a much harder calorie limit. While hard limits have been proven to reduce weight by up to 2.8lbs if the diet is consistent, less vigorous diets can still be effective without the need to push yourself further than your capabilities!


If setting your own restrictions isn’t for you, there are plenty of diet plans available to help you through the process. Familiar names like Slimfast, Weight Watchers and Keto are all great options to pursue if you’re looking for good low-calorie food and a community to keep you focused.

Every diet is different, but most – if not all – diets are willing to work with you to achieve your personal weight loss goals. Hop online, take a quiz or chat with a nutrition coach and choose the best plan to suit your needs.


If you’re still not confident you can do it, hypnotherapy or CBT can also be a useful tool in helping you to change your relationship with food. Hypnotherapists all over the UK claim to have helped thousands of women to reach their goals, simply by removing snacking from the daily routine. While hypnotherapy is not yet carried by the NHS, it has been used by therapists to help with anxiety, depression and even arachnophobia. And, sessions may just come up a bit cheaper that Saxenda if you do your homework!


Is none of the above working for you? Or perhaps you’d prefer to pursue another technique to help boost your weight loss? If so, you might find you suit a much more traditional method: exercise! While it seems self-evident, many people don’t realise just how effective exercise can be – in fact, studies have found that exercise training programs increased weight loss by up to 3.5kg in under a year. Exercise works by helping your body to burn more calories than it absorbs; as with any other solution in this list, reducing your calories is also recommended to maximise the results.


So there you have it – your guide to understanding a cheaper alternative to Saxenda (UK). As always, remember to chat to our pharmacist or doctor for personal advice before pursuing treatment. Or, if you’re keen on trying Orlistat or Xenical, you can always start a consultation with us to see if you’re eligible for the supply.

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