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Stay Healthy at Work

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January 31, 2018

Maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult for many people, especially when the nature of your job might be affecting your health and wellbeing. If you suspect your workplace is affecting your health, it is possible to massively improve your quality of life with a few simple steps. Keep on reading to find out how to improve your health while at work.

Weight Loss

Especially when you have a desk based job, losing weight might be increasingly stressful and hard to achieve. Whilst you might stay away from the breakroom and make conscious efforts to bring your own healthy meals to the office, it might not be enough to justify the sedentary lifestyle most jobs promote. If you are trying to lose weight don’t only concentrate on nutrition and the eventual help of diet pills, make sure you stay as active as possible in the office. Staying active in the office can be undoubtedly difficult so make sure you stretch frequently, take breaks and possibly have a walk during your lunch hour. Physical activity shouldn’t stop there, in addition to your 10,000 recommended daily steps you should also consider joining a sports club, gym or relevant activity as when you seat at a desk all day at work, it is particularly important to have an active lifestyle outside of work.


Staying well-hydrated in an office environment can be particularly difficult. On one side you are very busy and forget to drink, on the other you are not keeping track of how many glasses you are drinking. Being well-hydrated means you are more alert and focused throughout the day and avoid the common 3 o’clock fatigue. Bring your own refillable water bottle to the office and start keeping track of your water intake.


Smoking can be hard to give up in the best of circumstances. When you are dealing with daily stress and routine it can be particularly hard to give up on your smoking breaks. Whilst there are many smoking cessation remedies available on the market, it is important to pair those with other methods of relaxation. Habit is sometimes the hardest part to give up so make sure you don’t replace it with an unhealthy option such as sweets and chocolate.


Stress is very hard to manage, especially in the workplace. As stress is very much connected to your health, it is very important to understand your stressors and develop healthy responses such as to know when to delegate, take walks or breaks when necessary and get eventual support.


A clean office is a necessity for your health, as a closed environment where many people spend their time increases the chances of disease spread. The flu as well as more serious conditions can be spread easily in an office environment, for this reason, you should always make sure your desk is clean and the workplace is safe by eventually hiring a professional cleaning company.

Keeping track of your health at work doesn’t have to be hard. Follow our tips for a healthier you and try to focus your energy on creating and maintaining a better work-life balance.



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